Journalism style wedding photography with FineArt attitude

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heavenly acoustic

Tag along to have fun with my guitarist and song writer friends.

Most Romantic couple

I just witnessed the most romantic couple ever!
Vincent is one of the quiet groom I ever captured, and he surprised me more than anyone!
The hall fill by more than 200 friend and family, he came from nowhere and start singing while his bride walk into the reception hall.
I don't understand the lyric but I can feel it incredibly romantic, honestly I might burst in tears if I am not busy preserving there moments (lucky).

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Once Upon a Time in NYC

New York City… People everywhere, wherever you turn, bumping into one another is just a daily routine. But only a few people are extremely lucky enough to bump in to the right person, just like my dear friends, Kitty & Pang.

Feels like a million years ago since we last met, and after all the long distance conversations planning to make this Engagement session happen and finally they have returned to the origin city where their first romance chapter began, to celebrate their LOVE.

I am extremely happy to see them again after so long, but even more so, I feel honored that they chose me to recreate and preserve all the best memories of their lives in this city.
Just like their love, that’s how I captured all the moments exclusively with traditional FILM, because it’s original and everlasting.

             I hope, with these photographs, they will always have the sweetest piece of this unforgettable city.

…Until we meet again